Who are we

Who are we ?

Montessori Education

Our school is regularly supervised by The Maria Montessori Institute (L’institut Supérieur Maria Montessori) in order to support our 2-3 y.o. and 3-6 y.o. classes to develop a quality education based on 4 important criteria :

  • AMI trained guides
  • Mixed age classes promoting discussion and emulation.
  • A complete set of Montessori learning materials to support the child’s development.
  • A period of time to work independently on activities in the morning and in the afternoon so that the child can choose freely, go at their own pace and fully concentrate.

Bilingual Education

Our school provides a bilingual environment with total immersion. Children have two languages available to them in the classroom (French/English) on a daily basis. Guides speak to children in their mother tongue and introduce the culture of their country. Children are introduced to the second language and then speak it at their own pace throughout their school years.

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Our vision is that of a school close to nature. Our schools have been a member of the official “eco-school” program since 2016. We are certified for projects encompassing important environmental themes.