International Montessori School “Beautiful Minds” is a private bilingual school declared to the Academy of Versailles since September 2013. We welcome children of all nationalities and backgrounds aged from 2 to 12 years old.

Our site in Puteaux  is situated at 1, place du Theatre. It’s opened since September 2016 and has Children’s Community (2-3 yrs bilingual), Children’s House (3-6 yrs bilingual) and Elementary Environment (6-12 yrs bilingual French-English).

Our Team

Our team are experienced AMI-trained Montessori educators (Association Montessori Internationale), regularly supervised by the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori.

Maria, Directress

” After seven years of having a corporate career in large international companies, I discovered the Montessori approach after the birth of my son. Maria Montessori’s writings completely changed my life and my vision of the child. This was the start of two years of reflections, trainings and observations at Montessori schools in France and abroad which inspired me to start my own Montessori school in 2013, aimed to develop the potential of each child.”

Maija, English-speaking teacher, 2-3 y.o.

” After graduating from Information Design and collaborating with charities in London, I decided to gain experience with children. I spent two and a half years as a school assistant in my former boarding school in England. I am passionate about work with children and this led me to the Maria Montessori Institute in London where I graduated from AMI Montessori 3-6 and 0-3 years. My experience at the Hornsey Rise School in London has proved to me on many occasions the richness of what a Montessori environment can bring to children. I have been working at the Beautiful Minds School since September 2015.” 

Sabrina, French-speaking teacher, 3-6 y.o.

” After 12 years in the humanitarian sector in France and abroad, my family and I settled in India, where we discovered the Montessori approach and where Maria Montessori herself spent a number of years. I was offered to teach French in the Montessori class of my daughters and I had the chance to observe the Montessori approach from the inside. This was the starting point of an evolution in my career: I decided to support children in growing at the best of their potential, nurturing their self-confidence and their autonomy – another way for me to foster Humanity in our present and future world. I graduated after a 9-month AMI-training in India and I have now the pleasure to join the Beautiful Minds’team of Puteaux-Théâtre.”

Beatriz, English teacher, 3-6 y.o.

” I have been more than ten years involved in the sphere of education having carried out various roles inside the classroom, as a Music teacher, English teacher, Arts teacher and as a classroom lead teacher both in traditional and Montessori environments.
Over the years I have combined my passion for Music and my career as an Educator in different cities around the world. In 2015 my devotion for traveling and discovering other cultures brought me to Shanghai, where I completed my Montessori training and where I worked for two years as a Montessori Lead Teacher in a multicultural environment. This experience has contributed to make my professional and personal experience much more complete. I have become aware of the importance of education for the development of motivation, communication and personal growth in a global world in order to guide the children to reach their full potential in an environment of respect and freedom. Since September 2017 I am part of the Beautiful Minds’team in the Children’s House (3-6 yo) at Puteaux-Théâtre school.”

Flora, English-speaking assistant, 3-6 y.o.

” Born in Hong Kong, I lived in England, USA and now in France, so I am trilingual in English, Chinese and French. I hold an American license and a French diploma in Art. Since I became a mother, I have developed an interest in working with children and the pedagogy of Maria Montessori has inspired me deeply to continue in this way. I followed AMI-assistant for children 3-6 y.o. training at AMI-center. I also obtained my diploma of English as foreign language Teacher. I joined Beautiful Minds in March 2016 and I take care of the bilingual Children’s House (3-6).”

Elodie, French teacher, 6-12 y.o.

“After a bachelor’s degree in Music and Dance Technology (TDG), I studied at the University of Caen Normandie until September 2017. While studying, I worked as a facilitator in schools in priority education areas and in out-of-school activities, with children of all ages. Throughout my meetings and readings, I discovered Maria Montessory’philosophy. Being able to take a fresh look at the child, to help him in his development, to promote his autonomy while stimulating his curiosity and to respect his growth rate : these are now my goals in terms of education. In October 2017, I decided to take the 6-12 year AMI educator course at the Centre de Formation Montessori Francophonie in Archamps (74). I am thrilled to have joined the Beautiful Minds team and very happy to work with children in the 6-12 year old class.”

Claudia, English teacher, 6-12 y.o.

” After a PhD in political philosophy and working internationally for a few years as researcher, I decided to do a Master in child development from the Institute of Education (London), following a long-standing interest in this subject. I then worked as an assistant in several primary schools in London, as well as in research for educational psychology services in Scotland. During these years, I found that the traditional education system left little space for children to develop their individuality, and did not allow many children to enter the universe of learning with enthusiasm. As I discovered Montessori cosmic education, I found that this addresses all the limits of traditional education. I then decided to train as an elementary teacher, attending the AMI course in Girona. I worked at the Montessori schools in Italy and in Germany prior to joining Beautiful Minds in October 2018.”

Scott, English assistant, 6-12 y.o.

” My name is Scott. I’m 37 years old and I am from England, South London. I’ve been living just outside Paris for the past three and a half years and I’m currently working as the 6-12 classroom assistant at Beautiful Minds after qualifying from 6-12 AMI Assistant course at Maria Montessori Institute, London. My background was working in Acute neurological rehabilitation of young people with epilepsy after which I studied paediatric nursing at the university of Surrey, England. I went on to hold various care and teaching positions in England. As the children will tell you I’m a keen footballer and have a good (but English) sense of humour, I enjoy bringing arts and crafts to the classroom and English reading. I was also proud to be a part of Beautiful Minds first ever residential camp to England in 2018 and I hope to continue this into 2019. I hope to continue working with children here and inspiring beautiful minds for years to come.”

Claire, French-speaking teacher, 3-6 y.o. – Puteaux Ampère

” After finishing my studies in Law and Management, I worked for five years in the Health State field. I was always passionate about positive psychology and cognitive science linked to childhood development and this naturally led me to the Montessori Method. I decided to change my whole career and took some time off to discover a new path for myself. It’s after a long journey in India where I trained to yoga, dance and ayurvedic medicine that I decided to start this new adventure here at Beautiful Minds Montessori school. I am strongly convicted that the Montessori approach helps us to raise the potential of each child and to put in light their inner treasures. I am happy to be a part of the Beautiful Minds team in Puteaux Ampère, to contribute to this humanist mission which is the Education of the Youngest.”