After School

For after-school care, on Wednesdays and during the school vacations, we have formed a partnership with Pari-Grandir

Pari-Grandir, created in 2011, is the first network of bilingual edutainment centers in France.

With 12 years of experience, they have already welcomed more than 4,000 children in several centers located in Ile-de-France.

Our partnership was born naturally out of our shared fundamental values: the importance of bilingualism and the priority given to caring for children.

The extracurricular activities organized by Pari-Grandir are open primarily to children enrolled in the school, but we also welcome children from outside the school. Children are accepted from 3 years old.

The Pari-Grandir team, composed of qualified professionals, takes over to welcome your children directly into our premises in small groups.