International Montessori School “Beautiful Minds” is a private trilingual school declared to the Academy of Versailles. We welcome children of all nationalities and backgrounds aged 2-6 years old in a toddler (2-3 years old) and a primary (3-6 years old) programs.

We are also planning to open the elementary class (6-9  years old).

Our Team

Our team are experienced AMI-trained Montessori educators, (Association Montessori Internationale), regularly supervised by the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori.

Maria, Directress

” After seven years of having a corporate career in large international companies, I discovered the Montessori approach after the birth of my son. Maria Montessori’s writings completely changed my life and my vision of the child. This was the start of two years of reflections, trainings and observations at Montessori schools in France and abroad which inspired me to start my own Montessori school in 2013, aimed to develop the potential of each child.”

Veronique, French-speaking Teacher, 0-3 y.o.

” I have always been very interested in teaching and how a child responds to the education they receive. I have continued to investigate this since my masters in philosophy. “Help me think by myself “ which echoes Maria Montessori. This is where I have found the way to help young children to fulfil their potential and respect their wish to learn by themselves. Since the beginning of my training as an Early Childhood Educator in 2013 at the Saint- Honoré training centre in Paris, I have attended several courses at the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori. I was struck by the excellent way the material is used so that the child can explore the world around them. My work experience at the end of my studies to become an early childhood educator was at the Beautiful Minds school in Courbevoie in 2015. Today I am very proud to be able to use my energy and experience in a Montessori school such as Beautiful Minds, in the 2/3 year old class .”

Lindsey, English-Speaking Assistant, 2-3 y.o.

« Having studied Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Arts for Children, I have always been interested in multicultural environments and early childhood education. Through my coursework I was introduced to several alternative systems of education and was specifically drawn to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and how each child has his own personal style of learning. After working as a teacher in an after-school program for children from hispanophone families in Princeton, New Jersey, and at a Crèche for an English Language Project in Paris, I am happy to have found a place in the Beautiful Minds community, where children are allowed to learn and grow at their own speeds in a nurturing environment. »

Pauline, French-speaking Teacher, 3-6 y.o.

” I have always been passionate about child psychology and I truly enjoy contact with children. Firstly, I decided to do Early Childhood Teacher Training. During this training, I had the opportunity to work at a Montessori school, which was how I discovered the methods of Maria Montessori. I was impressed by the respect for the capabilities and the learning pace of every child and also by the autonomy that Montessori material can develop in children. After my training I worked at a crèche. The welfare of children was always extremely important for me, so I put a lot of effort into the personalisation of every child’s care. Finally, after four years at the crèche, I decided to follow the 3-6 Montessori Teacher training offered by the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori where I obtained my diploma recognized by Association Montessori Internationale. Since September 2013, I work in the 3-6 y.o. class at Beautiful Minds.”

Marine, French assistant, 3-6 y.o.

” After my Spanish, Education and Primary Education studies, I worked for two years as a school teacher in the Versailles Academy. This professional experience made me realize how much I loved children from 3 to 6 years old at this stage of development where so many things are being built. That’s how I started to get interested in Montessori pedagogy until I finally decided to train and specialize. Today graduated as a 3-6 AMI Montessori Assistant, I intend to devote myself fully to this wonderful philosophy.”

Eveleen , English-Speaking Teacher, 0-6 y.o.

” During my ‘0-3 Early Childghood Care and Education’ training I spent many hours of practical experience working and observing in a Montessori school in Ireland. This was my first introduction to this method of education. I’ve seen how each child developed as a unique individual and as valued member of the class and community. Upon completion of my training I began my ‘3 to 6 Montessori Teacher Training’ with Portobello Institute, Dublin. I feel fortunate to work with children during their most formative years. I am delighted to be part of the great team of Beautiful Minds.”

Nathalie, French-speaking Teacher, 3-6 y.o.

“After a career in international communication, I decided to change course and move towards a more human and meaningful profession. Impassioned by education and psychology, I quickly turned to Maria Montessori’s work and philosophy, to follow the educator 3-6 training. To me, it’s more than a method, it is a philosophy of life in which the respect and well-being of the child is at the heart of everything. Today, I am happy to help children in their development by keeping listening to their needs. As Maria Montessori said, I am convinced that education and children are the means to contribute to a better world.”

Maria, Russian-speaking Assistant Teacher, 3-6 y.o.

” I was born in Russia and have lived in several cities. My university studies that I did in beautiful Saint-Petersburg were dedicated to classical philology, ancient languages and literature. Languages have always been my great passion and it continues today. After graduation I was blessed to discover the Montessori education, the ideas of which dazzled me right away so that I understood that I needed to study it deeply and become one of the great teachers who want to help transform the world into a better place. After completing my Montessori studies in Moscow I worked in wonderful schools of both Moscow and Saint-Petersburg as a Montessori teacher in 3-6 and 6-9 classes before moving to France. For me the Montessori education is an ever-inspiring view on the endless possibilities of a child, and therefore of every being, the attitude of total belief in the best of us. I’m happy to have become a part of the Beautiful Minds team in November 2017.”